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Fillings & Root Canals

Our experienced dentists use the most modern technology in restorative materials available. They include composite, ceramic, amalgam. Teeth are restored the look and shade of the patient's natural teeth.

Root Canal treatment (endodontics) treats the inside of the tooth. It is necessary when the pulp (live part of the tooth) becomes inflamed or infected. It involves the removing of the pulp, cleaning and disinfecting the canals and then filling and sealing them. Causes for root canal treatment can be deep decay, repeated dental treatment to the tooth, faulty crowns, a fracture or chip, and trauma.
Contrary to jokes about this matter, modern methods of root canal treatment are very similar to having a filling and usually can be completed in one or two appointments. It is a comfortable experience during and after the treatment. Our patients are usually amazed and pleasantly surprised at the end of a root canal treatment in our office.

After a root canal a tooth becomes brittle and therefore more vulnerable to fracturing. A post and a crown are the recommended course of treatment to ensure the strength and integrity of the tooth.